Time to Speak Russian::Lesson 9
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Время говорить по-русски Basic course
Lesson 9
Lesson summary:
Scene 1
Topic: How does one go on a visit to a friend's place in Russia?
Communicative models and vocabulary:
  • пойти в гости
  • приехать к другу домой
  • памятник композитору
  • подарить подруге
  • без подарка
  • для него
  • собираться вместе
  • Verds of Motion: "пойти - поехать", "прийти-приехать" in the Present and Future Tenses
  • Using Dative case to denote an addressee ("советовать другу" - "to give advice to a friend", "памятник Пушкину" - "a monument to Pushkin"); or a motion direction towards a particular person ("придти к студентке" - "to come to a female student").
  • The Genitive case denoting the absence of something (with the preposition "без" - "without") and what an object is for (with the preposition "для" - "for").
  • The fundamentals of Russian reflexive verbs. The conjugation of reflexive verbs (present tense and past tense).
Scene 2
Topic: What gift should I buy ?
Communicative models and vocabulary:
  • я согласен
  • ты прав
  • Сколько Ивану лет? Ивану 46 лет.
  • девушка с подарком
  • идти на день рожденья
  • How to denote age
  • Using Instrumental case of nouns and pronouns to indicate a joint action ("с подругой" - "with a friend") or an attribute ("торт с кремом" - "cake with cream")
Lesson vocabulary
Lesson test
Cultural information:
  • Come to visit!
  • Russian holidays

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