Time to Speak Russian::Lesson 7
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Время говорить по-русски Basic course
Lesson 7
Lesson summary:
Scene 1
Topic: It took us so long to get here!
Communicative models and vocabulary:
  • Идти пешком
  • Ехать 15 минут
  • От дома до остановки недалеко
  • Сесть на автобус
  • Сделать пересадку
  • Взять такси
  • Вы не подскажете
  • На чём вы едете?
  • Verds of motion: "идти-ехать" (present and past tense conjugation)
  • Expressing a motion destination: идти/ехать to a theater, store, home
  • Characterising motion: how long it lasted (an hour, all day, all year long), describing distance (from my home to a bus stop), describing the means of motion (to ride), and where motion takes place (to ride in the city)
  • Expressing a person's state in Russian: ( "Мне холодно" - "I am cold")
  • How to express a wish or need for something: Phrases with the word "нужен" : нужен дом, нужна касса, нужно яблоко (someone needs a house, a ticket office, an apple)
Scene 2
Topic: Where have you already been (gone) in Moscow?
Communicative models and vocabulary:
  • первый раз
  • приехал посмотреть
  • до встречи
  • Давайте пойдём вместе!
  • Давай сфотографируемся!
  • Verbs of Motion "ходить" -"ездить" ("to walk - to ride") (present and past tense conjugation)
  • Introducing the grammar model: "я был там" = "я ходил туда" ( I have been there = I have gone there)
  • Verbs of Motion: "придти" (to come, arrive by foot), "приехать" (to come, arrive by transport)
  • Indicating the time of an event (will be in three days time – was three days ago).
  • How to express an invitation to action ("давайте пойдём вместе!" = "let’s go together!")
Lesson vocabulary
Lesson test
Cultural information:
  • How to use public transportation in Moscow
  • Cultural life in Moscow (museums, theatres, exhibitions)

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